the cleanest water


Located in the Shatsk National Natural Park, Svityaz Lake is the most freshwater and cleanest lake in Ukraine. Pristine space, clean saturated air, a wide beach and the mild climate of the region with its healing air allow you not only to get a good rest, but also strengthen their health.
The center beach of the lake is especially beautiful. Along the shoreline, the wooden boats of local residents are swaying on the waves as if dancing a waltz. Forests grow almost along the entire shoreline. The sun shines and sparkles creating an unreal atmosphere of aesthetics, perfection and peace.
Every year, thousands of tourists from different parts of Ukraine come here for recreation and unforgettable emotions. It should also be noted that the composition of water contains silver and glycerin, which has a positive impact on the health. And there are places with healing blue clay that will make your skin soft and smooth.

The greatest depth is 58.4 m, and the average depth is 6.9 m. In windy weather, the waves here reach a height of one and a half meters. The formation of this natural giant took place as a result of the long-term influence of artesian waters and the oldest glacier.

Among the features of Svityaz is its island, which is currently under the supervision of the workers of the Shatsk National Natural Park. You can get to the island on boats, kayaks or paddleboats.
Many species of fish have found a comfortable habitat in the waters of Svityaz. Catfish, bream, crucian carp, bass, pike and perch are found here. The most sought-after delicacy from this lake is eel.
The night life is also vibrant with all the night clubs, cafes and bungalows spread out almost along the entire shoreline of the lake, where there is always loud music and human laughter and singing.