З коричневою смугою

Головний пляж Світязь

The boulevard is a ten-minut walk from Didalo recreation guesthouse.

Local market in the center is one of the beloved attractions of tourists. It features a lot of unique things starting from handmade souveniers and finishing with local delicacies such as donuts and fish to all tastes. 

If you are a fan of active vacation you can rent out a wooden boat, canoes or paddle boat to get to the island or just take a tour around the magnificent lake. 

The boulevard of the lake is especially beautiful. Along the shoreline, the wooden boats of local residents are swaying on the waves as if dancing a waltz. Forests grow almost along the entire shoreline. The sun shines and sparkles creating an unreal atmosphere of aesthetics, perfection and peace.

The night life is also vibrant with all the night clubs, cafes and bungalows spread out almost along the entire shoreline of the lake, where there is always loud music and human laughter and singing.